DrawCast is a drawing app for iOS and Android which holds free-to-enter art competitions.

The top voted artworks are turned into NFTs which are then awarded to the artists which drew them. Artists have 100% ownership over the NFTs.

The winning artists can then choose to hold those NFTs, or sell them as they please for profit (on the OpenSea marketplace for instance).

Competitions are ongoing - artists, download the app and submit your artwork at anytime!


Winners viewable at nfts.drawcast.com


Artwork for the contests is created and submitted using the DrawCast app (Apple and Google are not sponsors of the contest).

Once the competition ends, the submitted artwork will be voted on by keyholders in the 200 Keys community (and eventually holders of other prominent collections as well).

The top five artworks then become NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

The NFTs will be minted at no cost and sent directly to the wallet addresses of the artists that created them.

Additional prizes as mentioned in the contest announcement will be given away at that time as well.


DrawCast is built by Daniel Cota (twitter.com/danielcota), a veteran developer from the United States with extensive app, server and blockchain dev experience whose apps have been downloaded more than 30 million times.

An avid NFT collector, Daniel is currently the largest holder of JRNY Club NFTs (a project created by twitter.com/JRNYcrypto) and owner of Neo Tokyo Citizen #2271.

In addition to DrawCast, Daniel is currently working on a project to promote atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, a novel computational mechanism for telescopy/microscopy and 200keys.com.

Additional team members will be added as needed. If you feel like you have something to offer, please contact us via our Discord.


What is an NFT?
An NFT is a token on the blockchain that represents something unique. Whichever wallet currently owns that unique token owns item.  

In the case of DrawCast, the NFTs represent winning submitted artwork. The NFTs are sent to the wallets of the artists that create them - giving the artists themselves 100% ownership over the NFT.

Where can I buy or sell artwork created in DrawCast?

How can a winning artist create a wallet to receive the awarded NFT?
The browser extension metamask.io will allow you to create a wallet address and receive the NFT. You can also use MetaMask to connect to the OpenSea secondary market.

What meta data do the DrawCast NFTs have?
Contest Number, Contest Rank, Artist Country, Year Created, Number of Brushstrokes, Artist Social Link.

What are the OpenSea royalties?
OpenSea royalties are 7.5%.

Half the royalties will be used to buy 200 Keys UNLOCK tokens from the market which is then burnt (destroyed).

Half the royalties will be used to buy UNLOCK and MATIC which is then locked into the liquidity pair (to increase token price stability).

Doesn't crypto use a lot of energy?

TLDR: Not necesarily.

DrawCast uses the Polygon blockchain to mint NFTs.

Polygon validators/nodes each use about 0.00009GW of continuous energy.

There are 100 validators and 3000 estimated additional nodes, so the network uses 0.279GW (or 279 kW).

This would then be 6696 kWh per day.

There are about 3 million Polygon transactions per day.

So sending one Polygon transaction uses about 2.232 Wh.  

This is the equivalent of using a 100 watt lightbulb for 1.3 minutes.

Creating and sending a DrawCast NFT to each winning artist will require sending one Polygon transaction.

By contrast average iPhone usage is about 1 kWh per year or 2.74 Wh per day.  

So receiving a DrawCast NFT uses less energy than using your iPhone for about one day.

Also for comparison, leaving a phone charger plugged in when it is not charging uses phantom power of about .26W.  

That's 6.24 Wh per day.

So leaving your phone charger plugged in for a day uses the energy of more than two DrawCast NFTs being created and sent.

What if I win, but I don't want the NFT?

That is of course up to you. If you decline the NFT it will never be created.